Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Win. Now on to the next one.

It was great to see the NYJ come out in a big way against the Bills. However, they beat the Bills. Bills are a second tier team that usually gets beat when they play a first tier team (except the fluke games like last year when they beat the PATS). In my opinion the Jets are on the line between 1st and 2nd tier teams. We have flashes of brilliance and dominance, followed by terrible play and inexcusable mistakes.

We shall see this Sunday in Pittsburgh which team shows up. Pittsburgh is one of those 1st tier teams. A solid Jets win could move the needle in terms of how we are viewed in the league. Although it is important to keep in mind Pittsburgh has not gone 0-2 in a season in over 10 years. Gulp.

Prediction Jets 17-Pittsburgh 14.