Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jets lose...again

It is very discouraging that the Jets have to throw together a variety of trick plays to have any chance to beat a team like Houston. I respect what they are trying to do with Tebow and I was happy that it found moderate success. But the fact remains, the Jets do not have the ability to go head to head with upper tier teams and win. We have to resort to options and fake punts.

Either way, up next is the Colts. This is a team that is playing for their coach. They are motivated and amped up. The Jets are favored by 3 today, however, if I were making odds, I wouldn't give them that much credit.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After a terrible loss to the 49ers last week we are knee deep in "Tebow Time" talk.  Let's clear something up. Tim Tebow is not a good quarterback. He is not a valid backup. If we are going to talk seriously, then I would say maybe its "McElroy Time". He is a legit backup who had a stellar pre season.

That being said, Sanchez needs to stay where he is and everyone needs to back the fuck up. The Jets are 2-2. Ok, we lost to San Fran, it happens. Lots of teams lose to San Fran. Lets focus on filling some holes in our offense. Maybe add a WR?? I see the Jets signed Aaron "Another criminal" Berry.
As much as I don't like the guys background at least they are filling the needs.

Lets wait and see how the respond on Monday night. For now everyone needs to relax.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Win. Now on to the next one.

It was great to see the NYJ come out in a big way against the Bills. However, they beat the Bills. Bills are a second tier team that usually gets beat when they play a first tier team (except the fluke games like last year when they beat the PATS). In my opinion the Jets are on the line between 1st and 2nd tier teams. We have flashes of brilliance and dominance, followed by terrible play and inexcusable mistakes.

We shall see this Sunday in Pittsburgh which team shows up. Pittsburgh is one of those 1st tier teams. A solid Jets win could move the needle in terms of how we are viewed in the league. Although it is important to keep in mind Pittsburgh has not gone 0-2 in a season in over 10 years. Gulp.

Prediction Jets 17-Pittsburgh 14.

Friday, August 24, 2012


ESPN Insider and master Windsor knot tie wearer Adam Schefter reported today that there was talks between the Jets and Jaguars for a trade that would send Maurice Jones Drew to the Jets in return for any runningback and Tebowtime. Which apparently the Jets declined. Now I don't put too much stock in what rumors I hear on ESPN, however if this is the truth, I would have to serious question the thought process of Mike Tannenbaum and Management. Obviously MJD demands a huge contract which is an issue because the Jets haven't even paid Revis yet, but Come'on man. Work something out. We all respect your attempt to recreate the game by bringing in Tebow as a punt blocker/quarterback/runningback/jersey seller, but give us a break. MJD would SOLIDIFY your Ground and Pound message!! But alas, rumors are rumors and we are stuck with the Greene/Powell/McTrash combo.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chad Pennington to Visit with Jets QBs

The list of my favorite Jets players is not a long one. I have already discussed 2 of them in previous posts. Todays lets discuss another of my favs. Chad "rocket arm" Pennington. Now many of you may get the joke about calling him rocket arm. Chad was always critized for not having a strong arm. Not being able to chuck the ball down the field. But when I say rocket arm, I am talking more about a surface to target missile. Chad's accuracy was outstanding. Today he leads the NFL record books as the most accurate passer in history with a completion percentage of 66%.
Chad did what he could with what was around him and he did a very good job of it. He worked his ass off and played the game his way and was successful to an extent. I was a bit bummed the way the Jets cast him away for the likes of Big Time Brett Favre. And to be honest was a bit happy when Chad came back in the last week of the season to beat the Jets and bring the Dolphins to the playoffs.

That being said, this class act of a players is coming to Cortland for the day to speak with the QBs. I couldn't think of a better player to give advise on how to work with 1. Tony Sparano and 2. Be a successfull QB in the NFL and New York. I'm happy to see Chad back and wouldnt be to upset if he threw on old #10 and tossed a couple of slow lobs to Dustin Keller.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another reminder...

                                                  Of what a BOSS looks like:

                                    Does anyone remember who threw that pass?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bengals Preview: Preseason Game 1

                                                 J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!!

It's time for the preseason. As much as I find the preseason useless, long and boring it does serve a purpose. It allows us to see how scrubby our 2nd and 3rd teams actually are. But every so often we get a good look at a up and coming star i.e. Danny Woodhead (released) and The Terminator John Connor.

On the eve of the 1st game there are a few things we should take notice of:

-How does Sanchez look in a game environment. Its been a long circus of an offseason and this will be a good opportunity to see if Sanchez has taken a step forward or if there is still a lot of work ahead of him. If he plays 1 quarter we should hope for crisp completions and no sacks. I would like 4-6, 40+ yards.

-Is Stephen Hill really a NFL wide receiver. Hill has the body of an all pro wide receiver ( 6'4, 215, 33 3/8 arm length) but he played for a triple option offense at Georgia Tech. He caught a total of 49 passes through 3 seasons. He is a deep threat option but there is questions surrounding his abilities.

-Can Big Red (Andy Dalton) follow up his performance from last year. The Bengals made it to the playoffs but were promptly bounced by the Houston Texans. If there could be an award for making it to the playoffs and promptly losing, it would go to the Bengals. They have mastered that talent. Dalton is definitely a pro quarterback and has the pieces to make a run again, however its Baltimore, so who knows.

Regardless of everything above it is good to be back talking about football. With the Mets taking their annual dive the Jets preseason couldn't have come at a better time.