Friday, August 24, 2012


ESPN Insider and master Windsor knot tie wearer Adam Schefter reported today that there was talks between the Jets and Jaguars for a trade that would send Maurice Jones Drew to the Jets in return for any runningback and Tebowtime. Which apparently the Jets declined. Now I don't put too much stock in what rumors I hear on ESPN, however if this is the truth, I would have to serious question the thought process of Mike Tannenbaum and Management. Obviously MJD demands a huge contract which is an issue because the Jets haven't even paid Revis yet, but Come'on man. Work something out. We all respect your attempt to recreate the game by bringing in Tebow as a punt blocker/quarterback/runningback/jersey seller, but give us a break. MJD would SOLIDIFY your Ground and Pound message!! But alas, rumors are rumors and we are stuck with the Greene/Powell/McTrash combo.

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