Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bengals Preview: Preseason Game 1

                                                 J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!!

It's time for the preseason. As much as I find the preseason useless, long and boring it does serve a purpose. It allows us to see how scrubby our 2nd and 3rd teams actually are. But every so often we get a good look at a up and coming star i.e. Danny Woodhead (released) and The Terminator John Connor.

On the eve of the 1st game there are a few things we should take notice of:

-How does Sanchez look in a game environment. Its been a long circus of an offseason and this will be a good opportunity to see if Sanchez has taken a step forward or if there is still a lot of work ahead of him. If he plays 1 quarter we should hope for crisp completions and no sacks. I would like 4-6, 40+ yards.

-Is Stephen Hill really a NFL wide receiver. Hill has the body of an all pro wide receiver ( 6'4, 215, 33 3/8 arm length) but he played for a triple option offense at Georgia Tech. He caught a total of 49 passes through 3 seasons. He is a deep threat option but there is questions surrounding his abilities.

-Can Big Red (Andy Dalton) follow up his performance from last year. The Bengals made it to the playoffs but were promptly bounced by the Houston Texans. If there could be an award for making it to the playoffs and promptly losing, it would go to the Bengals. They have mastered that talent. Dalton is definitely a pro quarterback and has the pieces to make a run again, however its Baltimore, so who knows.

Regardless of everything above it is good to be back talking about football. With the Mets taking their annual dive the Jets preseason couldn't have come at a better time.

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