Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chad Pennington to Visit with Jets QBs

The list of my favorite Jets players is not a long one. I have already discussed 2 of them in previous posts. Todays lets discuss another of my favs. Chad "rocket arm" Pennington. Now many of you may get the joke about calling him rocket arm. Chad was always critized for not having a strong arm. Not being able to chuck the ball down the field. But when I say rocket arm, I am talking more about a surface to target missile. Chad's accuracy was outstanding. Today he leads the NFL record books as the most accurate passer in history with a completion percentage of 66%.
Chad did what he could with what was around him and he did a very good job of it. He worked his ass off and played the game his way and was successful to an extent. I was a bit bummed the way the Jets cast him away for the likes of Big Time Brett Favre. And to be honest was a bit happy when Chad came back in the last week of the season to beat the Jets and bring the Dolphins to the playoffs.

That being said, this class act of a players is coming to Cortland for the day to speak with the QBs. I couldn't think of a better player to give advise on how to work with 1. Tony Sparano and 2. Be a successfull QB in the NFL and New York. I'm happy to see Chad back and wouldnt be to upset if he threw on old #10 and tossed a couple of slow lobs to Dustin Keller.

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